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I do some weird stuff when I don’t sleep enough/at all. I’m working on a Google AdWords account and was looking at their keyword suggestions for our website and copy/pasting them into a document. 

Now I’m going through them and apparently I pasted one 4 times?….

I used to love Dragonforce ^_^

Where should society concentrate its efforts to provide for the basic welfare - the security and sub­sistence - of animals? Plainly, where animals most lack this security, when their basic rights, needs, or interests are most thwarted and where their suffer­ing is most intense. Alas, this is in nature.
Mark Sagoff

An app which found remixes and mashups of songs you like might be cool, I guess there are apps which kind of do this, but they seem to be more to do with seeing what people with similar music taste like

New single from Desso, coming April 21st


So the first thing to say about ethics is that it is not a set of prohibitions particularly concerned about sex
Peter Singer

breaks are relative



"The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid."

6am, the idea of not sleeping seems reallllly tempting